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WaterWipes launch the Pure Foundation Fund in USA and Canada. Nominations now closed!


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WaterWipes is proud to launch the Pure Foundation Fund, a new bursary fund in the USA and Canada, which recognizes the incredible work of all healthcare professionals involved in the pregnancy, birth, and postnatal journey.

Nominations are now closed, we look forward to announcing the Pure Foundation Fund winner soon!

Make your nomination by completing the 'Nomination Form' at the bottom of this page.

Maternity and neonatal healthcare professionals touch the lives of expectant and new parents, both physically and emotionally. From the first scans and prenatal care; to the hands that deliver the baby, care for a premature baby, and support parents and newborns when they leave the hospital. These are the hands that bring so many lives into the world. That is why WaterWipes want to recognize and celebrate the incredible work of these professionals – to put faces and names to these hands and to tell the remarkable stories of the lives they have touched.

Win $3,000 (USD) & WaterWipes Pure Foundation Fund Plaque

Two winners will be selected from each country, and the winning healthcare professionals will receive:

  • $3,000 (USD) for their department to continue to improve the care of parents and babies. For example, purchase equipment, provide resources for parents, fund training, improve practice/care or support further research relating to pregnancy, baby care, and neonatal care

  • A WaterWipes Pure Foundation Fund plaque.

How to enter

Make your nomination by completing the 'Nomination Form' at the bottom of this page.

USA and Canadian Healthcare professionals can make their nominations using the form at the bottom of this page. As part of your nomination form, you will be required to submit a statement (maximum 4,000 characters) summarizing your / your nominee’s story, initiative, or research project. WaterWipes is looking for entries that are moving and inspiring. Please begin your entry with ‘These are the hands...’

Nominations for both the USA and Canada funds are now open and the deadline for submitting entries is August 31, 2021. Nominated winners will be contacted via their professional organizations and asked if they wish to participate.

If you are a new or expectant parent, you can also nominate a healthcare professional in the USA or Canada involved in your pre or post-birth journey here.

The judging panel will consist of a WaterWipes representative, a representative from the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation, and a representative from the NICU Parent Network. The judges will select two winners from the USA and two winners from Canada to benefit from the Pure Foundation Fund


Our Partners
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NPN and CPBF logos

About the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation

The Canadian Premature Babies Foundation is a parent-led, charitable organization providing education, support, and advocacy for premature babies and their families. Approximately 30,000 babies are born prematurely every year in Canada. The Canadian Premature Babies Foundation provides peer support programs, helpful materials, and resources for families and health care professionals, and investigates ways in which the lives and experiences of premature babies and their families can be improved.

About the NICU Parent Network

The NICU Parent Network is a collaborative of NICU Support Organizations led by NICU Parent Professionals. They are the only professional association for NICU Parent Leaders in the United States. NPN provides a platform for these leaders to come together as a collective voice representing the needs & best interests of NICU families in all facets of healthcare policy, care guidelines, advocacy, education, and family support.

About WaterWipes

WaterWipes, the world’s purest baby wipes, are a non-medicated baby wipe that contain just two ingredients, 99.9% high purity water and a drop of fruit extract. They provide safe cleansing for the most delicate newborn skin, whilst offering the convenience of a wipe. WaterWipes are purer than cotton cloth and water and are so gentle they can be used on premature babies.

Nomination Form

The nomination deadline is August 31, 2021.

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Nomination Statement

As part of a 400-800-word statement, please summarize how you / the individual contributed to improved medical practice and/or outcomes for babies and their families. Please also provide information on how you / the healthcare professional has gone above and beyond to provide an exceptional level of neonatal, maternity, or postnatal care. Please begin your entry with ‘These are the hands…’ to represent the hands that touch the lives of expectant and new parents, both physically and emotionally and tell the inspiring stories of the lives they have touched.*

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