WaterWipes Textured Clean Baby Wipes

Our WaterWipes for Weaning are a textured wipe that have been designed for your growing baby and use a drop of fruit and berry extract for extra cleansing power.

They are now also made from plant-based material and are plastic free*.

*The claim does not refer to the full product lifecycle nor the external plastic packing and relates to the wipes only.

†Wipe made from regenerated cellulose (viscose) utilizing wood pulp as a precursor.

benefits of WaterWipes Textured Clean.

Suitable for faces, hands, feet and bottoms
Kind on skin but tough on mess
Mild and hypoallergenic
Textured wipes
The world’s purest baby wipes – made with 99.9% water, a drop of fruit and berry extract
The National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™

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