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WaterWipes® Launches Pure Foundation Fund in USA and Canada

WaterWipes® Launches Pure Foundation Fund in USA and Canada

Nominate yourself or a healthcare colleague

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WaterWipes® is proud to launch the second annual Pure Foundation Fund, a bursary fund in the USA and Canada, which honors our great protectors – healthcare professionals involved in the pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey.

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) providing maternity, neonatal and postnatal care improve and save the lives of women and babies around the world. For pregnant women that have questions or concerns, HCPs take the time to really listen and understand their concerns, answer all questions great or small and provide comfort every step of the way.

For nervous mothers giving birth, HCPs provide a calm presence and kindness to successfully usher them through their delivery. For new moms wondering if their baby is sleeping too much or eating enough, HCPs provide them with guidance and reassurance.

When illness strikes or medical conditions arise, HCPs provide care and support during these critical and vulnerable moments. HCPs are the great protectors of our health and our future generations. That is why WaterWipes® wants to celebrate these extraordinary professionals.

The winning healthcare professional will receive...

the pure foundation fund 2022 prizes

How to enter

You can nominate yourself or another healthcare professional that has provided outstanding maternity, neonatal or postnatal care.

Nominations for both the USA and Canada funds are now open and the deadline for submitting entries is June 30, 2022. Nominated winners will be contacted via their professional organizations and asked if they wish to participate.

Nomination form

The nomination deadline is June 30, 2022.

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Meet last year’s winner:

I’d like to use the money to further fund our NeoPals endeavor of legacy building opportunities for our families who never get to take their little one’s home. One of the services I offer in the NICU, often for our most critically ill babies, is recording their heartbeat then placing it in a stuffed animal of the family’s choosing. Sometimes I’ll link the heartbeat with a meaningful song the family chooses, writes, or sings themselves. While these memory making opportunities certainly cannot replace the loss of a child, they allow the parents to keep a piece of their baby with them forever. I am so grateful for this opportunity to improve the quality of care and support we offer at our hospital with the funds

Vicky Smith, Board-Certified Music Therapist, USA