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Julia Cooper
Winner Announcement

WaterWipes® Announce 2023 Pure Foundation Fund Winners


We are proud to announce this year’s healthcare heroes who have been awarded the WaterWipes® Pure Foundation Fund for their heroic work and their role as a great protector to their patients. This year’s winners: Julia Cooper and June Adams from the UK, and Maria Flannery O’Boyle and Mary Meade from Ireland have been recognised by parents and colleagues for going above and beyond for families during their pregnancy, birth, or postnatal journey. Each worthy winner has received a WaterWipes® Pure Foundation Fund plaque and £5,000 / €5,000 for their department to continue to improve the care of parents and babies.

Julia Cooper, a Neonatal Lead Care Coordinator from Ipswich, was nominated following a dedicated career of over 30 years in neonatal nursing. She was nominated by a colleague, Julia Petty, who praised Julia for demonstrating “excellent collaborative leadership of her team/ODN colleagues in relation to implementing various initiatives” that have made a real difference to the support of parents. Julia Petty further commended Julia for going above and beyond in her role, and remarks that this is a key contributing factor to enhancing the experience of the parents she looks after.

Julia Cooper

"Working for the East of England Neonatal Operational Delivery Network team gives me the opportunity to identify and address some of the inequities across the region and nationally through the work with the National Care Coordinator Group. This bursary will help to further promote family integrated care within the neonatal community, and a wider audience, by facilitating myself and team, to hold listening events for parents/carers and families to let the ODN Team hear what it felt like being in neonatal services in the East of England. The bursary will help fund accessible venues that are family friendly and inviting for these events to take place. The feedback will help shape future innovation through identifying themes to guide work-streams for the teams." Julia said of her win.

I was thrilled and privileged to be nominated and recognised for my work. My passion throughout my career has been to make the experience, of families receiving neonatal care, the best it can be.

Julia Cooper

Read Julia's full story here.

June Adams, a Neonatal Professional from Rotherham was nominated by Gemma Woolley, a mother of two who spent three months in June’s care following the birth of her second child at 26 weeks. Gemma shared that June was their “biggest support and champion”, encouraging her to look after herself, providing excellent support for her husband, and helping her son to bond with his little sister during a very difficult time.

June Adams

"As a neonatal nurse who has worked on the Rotherham special care baby unit for the past 15 ½ years, I am constantly inspired by the strength of the babies and families we take care of. Our SCBU is currently undergoing a full renovation so the money will be used to help furnish the parents’ bedrooms which we use for families when they are preparing for home, for families when their baby is really sick, for mummies establishing breastfeeding and for families whose babies have come to us from out of area. The money will help furnish these rooms and ensure their stay is as comfortable as possible and a home away from home" said June of her win.

When I found out that I had been chosen to receive the WaterWipes® prize fund following a nomination by one of our previous families I was shocked and humbled.

June Adams

Read June's full story here.

Maria Flannery O’Boyle, a Public Health Nurse from Ballina, was nominated by an amazing total of twenty-two people. One nominator, mother of two Laura Murphy, praised Maria for her wealth of knowledge and amazing support for mothers on their breastfeeding journeys. She commented on Maria’s practical advice and going above and beyond in her role, running a breastfeeding / mother and baby group in Ballina once a week, making time for every parent who needs her.

Maria Flannery O'Boyle

When asked what inspires her to do the work she does, Maria said “My experience as a mother, my professional knowledge as a public health nurse, lactation consultant and having a Masters in motherhood / social support. This gives me insight regarding the importance of good quality support and the creation of networks for mums and babies to support them in the transition to motherhood. The group creates awareness around mum’s and baby’s mental health and integrates the child’s developmental milestones in the first year of life.”

Amazed, delighted and extremely grateful

Maria said when asked how she felt about winning this year’s award

Read Maria's full story here.

Mary Meade, a Midwife from Sligo, was nominated by Mary Keating, who whilst pregnant with her second baby last year was diagnosed with placenta previa which resulted in a hospital stay for four weeks prior to delivery.

Mary Meade

"Nursing and midwifery has been my life since I was very young and I suppose I never lose sight of the fact that it could be me in the bed or a member of my family, so I always say to treat people like I would like to be treated at such a vulnerable time. Midwifery certainly isn’t about individualised awards as I work as a part of a wonderful team of midwives, student midwives, healthcare assistants and a wider circle, so I’m delighted to accept this award on behalf of our team at Sligo University Hospital." said Mary of her win

It is really an honour to accept this award

Mary Meade

Read Mary's full story here.

Celebrating the Great Protectors

The pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey can be emotional and stressful for patients and parents. The work of healthcare professionals including midwives, doctors, nurses, surgeons, anaesthetists, obstetricians, neonatal professionals, and health visitors, is one of great care and support. WaterWipes® is proud to recognise the work and efforts of these heroes with the fourth annual Pure Foundation Fund, which allows parents and colleagues to honour the great protectors involved in this journey.

This year’s Pure Foundation Fund nominations have been some of our most inspiring yet, reminding us of the pivotal support that maternal, neonatal, and postnatal healthcare professionals give to families in the UK and Ireland. They truly are our ‘Great Protectors’ and WaterWipes are delighted to support the further improvement of care with the award of this year’s bursary funds

said Brogan Chesters, Brand Marketing Manager at WaterWipes®

WaterWipes® would like to congratulate Julia, June, Maria and Mary, and thank all those who nominated a great protector.

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