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"I love these wipes SO much! I would actually give them 5.75 stars. The only thing I would change is packaging. You can't feed them through a plastic reusable wipe container to pull them out one handed. Makes it difficult for messes. And the plastic sticker closure on the package doesn't stay closed for more than a few uses. But the wipes themselves are amazing. My kids and I all have sensitive skin and I was thrilled to find these when I was pregnant with my first child. They have no chemical smell like other wipes and therefore don't irritate the skin. They're thick enough that my fingers don't go through like other wipes. I don't have to worry about chemicals when I wipe my kids face or my own. These are multi purpose wipes and I won't leave the house without them." Anonymous
"Always delivered on time, never molded, and great/trustworthy product." Jacquelyn
"I have used Water Wipes from the day my daughter (now almost four) was born. They are so gentle on skin and you only need to use one instead of three normal store baby wipes on a mucky bottom..." Anonymous

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