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WaterWipes Pure Foundation Fund 2023 Winner - June Adams
dads & mums

June Adams' story: Winner of WaterWipes® 2023 Pure Foundation Fund

2 mins


June Adams was nominated by mother-of-two Gemma Woolley.

Here is what she had to say about the Neonatal Professional from Rotherham.

June played a big part in our SCBU journey. We were there for three months and had another child at home. My daughter was born at 26 weeks and had many ups and downs. June was with us step by step, day by day. She sat with us when we had bad news, even shed a few tears with us too, but she laughed and celebrated with us on all of our little one's mini milestones. She didn’t just look after V, she was my biggest support and champion too. It’s easy to get lost and not look after yourself when your baby is sick. She was always there reminding me to drink, to eat and giving me the permission she knew I couldn’t give myself to go home and sleep. Having to leave our baby in hospital broke my heart every single night, but knowing June loved her, not as a number or a job but as a person, and would chat to her while feeding her, rock her, comfort and cuddle her for me while I couldn’t, gave me more comfort than I can explain. She helped explain situations in real people talk when doctors would tell us how things were going, she knew without me saying if I was having a tough day and was never afraid to offer a much needed hug. She was amazing with my husband and supporting him too. My little boy was only three years old at the time and she helped him bond with his sister in what was a strange environment for him, e.g. making a big fuss of the big brother, making him cards from his sister, showing him to wash his hands the right way so he could hold his sister hand or have a little cuddle. The nurses in Rotherham SCBU became extended family during our time there and will always have a special place in our hearts. I wish I could give them something even close to what they gave to us, because they gave us our family and our beautiful girl and so many good memories in the middle of what could have only been bad.

Gemma Woolley

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