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newborn baby playtime

Introducing playtime to tiny babies.

3 minutes


It’s never too early to start playing games with your baby. Play is a natural way for babies to learn about the world and develop their senses, plus interaction has positive effects on their mental development, such as language, trust and bonding skills, plus helps them develop physically as it works their eyesight, neck strength and dexterity.

But if this is all sounds a little serious and full-on for the early days of parenthood, don’t worry - this isn’t yet another thing to add to your long to-do list. (Because honestly, we know how shattered you are). Playing with your baby at this stage is simply interacting with them, and this can be done at any time, any place you like.

Tiny baby play ideas

Touch and noise

Blowing raspberries, tickling their toes, counting their fingers, making nonsense noises, singing songs or just chatting away to your baby. These are all fantastic ways of stimulating your child, introducing her to noise and touch and - of course - letting her get to know her (slightly silly) mummy and daddy.

Things to look at

Your baby is learning from everything he’s looking at, so show him all the different things that are surrounding him. Go outside or look out of the window, walk him through the rooms in the house, introduce him to other people around you. (And if they fancy a cuddle - perfect time for you to finish a cup of tea)

Tummy time

Letting your baby lie on their tummy is important in helping them develop their neck and upper body strength and can be started straight from birth. When they are very tiny, you can lie them on your lap or stomach, and once they’re a little bigger, progress to a comfortable playmat (although always stay close to baby, to make sure they’re playing safe). This should be a fun activity for you both, so if your baby becomes restless or unhappy, then it’s time to stop and try again later. To find out more, read our baby tummy time article (URL).

Making faces

Believe us when we say your face is of endless fascination to your baby. Poking your tongue out, making big smiles or a ‘grumpy face’, scrunching your eyes up tight and opening them wide again are all pure, easy entertainment for you, your baby, and anyone else that happens to be around! (Because really, how often do you get an excuse to be so playful?) So playing with a tiny baby is simple, fun and offers perfect bonding time. And the great thing is, all you really need, is you.

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