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baby milestones: from crawling to walking

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In the early days of parenthood, most of us swear we’ll never be one of those who obsessively compare our children’s abilities and achievements against anyone else’s.

Cut to a few months later however, and things tend to… change a little, and it is surprisingly easy to judge your baby’s progress against others, and worry that they’re coming up short.

Baby’s not walking - when to be worried?

‘When Jasmine was about 15 months I started to panic that she wasn’t walking, as everyone else’s babies were’ says dad, Vanraj. ‘I’m not generally like that but I think I had a complex that we hadn’t been encouraging her enough. By 16 and a bit months she was on her feet then there was no stopping her.’

There’s a few milestones they’ll reach between this time, for instance pulling themselves up to standing position by around 12 months, standing unassisted by around 14 months and mastering moving around more confidently by around 15 months. Toddlers should be able to walk by 18 months, so if yours doesn’t, do speak to a healthcare professional.

Walking babies = much more mess

‘Ashton started walking at 10 months,’ says mom, Cheryl, ‘and while at first I was really proud, I quite quickly wished we had a few more months of crawling, as suddenly he was grabbing things off the coffee table, pulling the contents of the cupboards out and playing with the toilet seat!’

A mobile baby is a muckier baby, so to keep dirt at bay, try WaterWipes Textured Clean. They’re just as pure as the newborn wipes, but with a little extra cleaning vigor, so you can quickly wipe away the grime and let them get back to their new-found adventure.

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