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WaterWipes® is thrilled to announce the launch of the fourth annual Pure Foundation Fund in the U.S. and Canada to celebrate and support healthcare professionals involved in the pregnancy, birth, and postnatal journey.

If you're a new or expectant parent who has been touched by the exceptional care of a healthcare professional, and you want the opportunity to spotlight this healthcare hero, we invite you to nominate them for the Pure Foundation Fund. Healthcare professionals are also invited to nominate a colleague (or themselves!) who has gone above and beyond in their work.


Nominate a healthcare hero today

For pregnant women that have questions or concerns, healthcare professionals take the time to really listen and understand their concerns, answer all questions, great or small and provide comfort every step of the way. For nervous mothers giving birth, healthcare professionals give a calm presence and kindness to successfully usher them through their delivery. For parents wondering if their baby is sleeping too much or eating enough, healthcare professionals provide them with guidance and reassurance. When illness strikes or medical conditions arise, these healthcare professionals offer care and support during these critical and vulnerable moments. They are the great protectors of our health and our future generations.

The two winning healthcare professionals in each market will receive:

$5000 for their department

$5000 for their department

Bulk donation of WaterWipes


Pure Foundation Fund plaque


$500 gift card & flowers

$500 gift card

*If your nominee gets selected, you will win a 3-month supply of WaterWipes®. Hurry, entries close on July 31st


Nomination form

It’s simple. Just complete the nomination form below. Nominations for U.S and Canada entries are now open and the deadline for submitting entries is July 31, 2024. Nominated winners will be contacted via their professional organizations and asked if they wish to participate.

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Can you explain how your nominee improved patient care and outcomes for babies and their families during pregnancy, delivery or postnatal care with examples (in 200-400 words)?

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