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Media – Georgia Family Magazine

Featured on “Editor’s Baby Picks” page. Timing: July 2015 issue.

Media – Young Upstarts

This entrepreneurial feature is currently highlighted on the website’s home page and includes Edward McCloskey’s quote and a link to … More >

Media – Purchase Area (Kentucky) Family Magazine

WaterWipes are featured on the giveaway page of the magazine’s website. Link >

Media – AgBeat.com

Featured on home page and in Business News “Business Entrepreneur” section of site. Link >

Media – Washington Parent

WaterWipes are featured in the Tot Tips section of the magazine as the first item under the “Mommy Must Haves” … More >

Moms’ Concerns Mount About Chemicals in Baby Products

New research from WaterWipes reveals 93% of Moms worry about products that their baby’s skin; 75% don’t recognize baby wipe. BOSTON, June … More >

Allergic Contact Dermatitis and Babies Skin

The skin of infants and young babies is physiologically different when compared to that of older children and adults in … More >

Fitness During Pregnancy – Swimming

Many moms-to-be are uncertain about fitness and exercise options during pregnancy. You should speak with your doctor or Health Care Professional … More >