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Our baby range are the world's purest baby wipes and purer than cotton wool and water. Our wipes are approved by Skin Health Alliance and accepted by The National Eczema Association .

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WaterWipes original baby wipes
WaterWipes original baby wipes

Best for sensitive babies, newborn and premature baby's skin.

WaterWipes Textured Clean
WaterWipes Textured Clean

Ideal for your growing baby. A gentle clean on messy faces, hands, feet and bottoms.

WaterWipes XL Bathing Wipes
WaterWipes XL Bathing Wipes

Extra-large, lightly textured wipe, perfect for all over cleaning. For all ages.

what are parents saying about WaterWipes?

When my son was born I wanted as natural as possible. With changing on the go using water only isn't always an option so waterwipes were perfect. Amy Bainbridge

I trust this product to be safe for my little one, and it does a good job of keeping him clean. Anonymous

Thrilled to find these when I was pregnant. They’ve no chemical smell and don't irritate the skin. They're thick enough that my fingers don't go through. Anonymous

I’ve been hooked! They’re the only wipes I’ll use. Properly moist, soft, have NO smell/fragrance. I’m beyond grateful for them! Meredith

It's the only wipe our family uses! So gentle yet effective. Anonymous

My daughter has very sensitive skin and I can trust that WaterWipes will never bother her even if she has a rash. Anonymous

i love water wipes. they are great for our family! they are durable and help prevent diaper rash! Mallory

Our family loves waterwipes! How gentle they’re for our baby girl. We’ve been using them since we got home from the hospital! Anonymous

Love how gentle they are for baby. My son has a sensitive tush so these wipes are perfect tor him. Anonymous

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