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WaterWipes New Adult Care Hygiene Sensitive Wipes

recognizing all those who care

Every day over 50 million people across the US carry out work which is vital but virtually unnoticed: they are carers, and we believe what they do shouldn’t be ignored.

These invisible individuals are the people who care for their parents and their children, for their partners and friends, for brothers, sisters and in-laws. This isn’t a job for which they’re paid, trained and or often even acknowledged. They don’t do it because they chose to, they do it because they need to, working with diligence and devotion to make someone else’s life a little easier.

So, that’s what we want to do for them.

Our #heretocare project is for those with brave hearts, gentle hands, and the strongest of spirits, the ones who bear it even on the days they feel they can’t.

WaterWipes adult wipes want to give carers a voice, to show all sides of a life which many will experience but which few who don’t live it can understand. This is about finding the laughter as well as the tears, starting an honest and open conversation about what it really means to be a carer and most of all, recognizing the courage behind closed doors.

Today, thousands more people will become carers and each and every one of them deserves to be seen.

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