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your changing bag checklist.

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If you’ve ever been in earshot of a parent, you’ve probably heard that leaving the house takes forever.

This is especially the case with newborns – it seems the smaller the baby, the bigger the changing bag. When you’re an exhausted parent, making sure you’re prepared for any eventuality can act as a big barrier to leaving the house. But as long as your bag is packed with the essentials – for you and for baby – you’ll be more than ready for any day out.

Find out what to include on your changing bag checklist for both you and your baby so that you're prepared for any occasion.

  1. Changing bag checklist for baby

  2. Changing baby checklist for you

1. Changing bag checklist for baby

baby wipes

Made from just two natural ingredients (water and fruit seed extract), WaterWipes are vegan, cruelty-free and sensitive baby wet wipes, meaning they’re the number one choice for newborns.


Keep these regularly topped up with more than you think you’ll need (8-10), just in case one day you dash out without replenishing.

nappy bags

This is a changing bag essential and they're are so teeny you can pack a lot in without taking up space.

changing mat

In a typical changing bag, space is limited. There’s no need to get an all-singing, all-dancing mat to change their nappy. Just a thin, easy-to-pack one will work fine.

baby sun or winter hat

Weather depending! For more info on protecting your little one from the sun check out our baby heat rash article.


A little toy to help entertain them if they’re grizzly or to distract them while changing their nappy.

spare socks

Because babies’ socks fall off and disappear at an alarming rate.


Handy for so many things – mopping spillages, using as a comforter, etc.

2. Changing bag checklist for you

door and car keys

Maybe keep a spare set in this bag, permanently? Being locked out with a baby is not the one.


It’s easy to focus on your baby's needs, and forget about yours, but there’s nothing worse than finally making it to that new-parent coffee meeting without your money.


Particularly if breastfeeding as you’ll get so thirsty.


For the photo ops, naturally.

hand sanitiser

To get rid of those post-pooey-nappy germs.

Next time you venture out with your little one we hope this changing bag checklist helps you focus on the essentials to take!

Looking for more information like this? Why not have a read through our other handy lists on our Parenting Community:

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