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Family getting ready to go out

finding space to focus on family time during the summer holiday down time

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As you no doubt know by now, once you have a baby, the way you live your life will change forever. And holidays are certainly no exception. Where once a ‘week in the sun’ meant lazing around the pool and indulging in siestas, once your baby comes along it means packing three times as much luggage, dealing with tantrums, and applying endless sunscreen to wriggling little bodies (for more information on caring for baby’s skin in the summer, see here).

But while family holidays in reality don’t always add up to Insta-depictions of them, they can still be amazing - honestly. All you really need to have a great time, are the right expectations.

Holidays - which kind is right for your child’s age?

‘Our first holiday was just the three of us in a cottage in Somerset when Ethan was one,’ says mum, Cherry. ‘It was really relaxed and perfect, we went for walks with Ethan in the pushchair, and sat around reading and drinking tea while he napped. We tried to do the same thing the next year though and it was completely different. Being a year older he needed much more entertainment than was on offer and wouldn’t stay in his pushchair long enough for any kind of walk, so we ended up watching lots of television. It was a bit disappointing but we just learnt from then on to pick holidays where there’s plenty of activities suitable for his age.’

Family holidays offer a break from the norm

One of best things about family trips is not so much where you go or what you experience, it’s just enjoying valuable time together away from work, household chores and everyday life. And that can be a fortnight abroad, a weekend camping or simply a day at the beach.

‘Our holidays are very low-key nowadays,’ says Rob, dad to Teddy, 3. ‘But I actually think there’s less pressure that way. My tip to other parents would be don’t try to fit too much in, like sightseeing and activities, as sometimes kids get overtired and cranky. Just enjoy the slower pace of life for a bit.’

So whether you’re getting your passports ready or packing for a roadtrip - relax, have fun and enjoy the ride (whatever might happen along the way…)

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