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"I love water wipes. They are great for our family! They are durable and help prevent diaper rash!" Mallory
"They do the best job of cleaning my face! Leave no unpleasant residue but a pleasant moisture base and keeps my skin nice & hydrated." Laura
"When it comes to choosing products for my girls, only the best will do for their soft, delicate skin. That's why I use WaterWipes. Whether I am using them to clean dirty faces and hands or changing their diapers, I have peace of mind knowing that they are chemical free and made from 99.9% water. My newborns nursery is stocked up on WaterWipes as she has very sensitive skin and cannot use any products with strong chemicals or perfume smells. I am also never without their travel size packs in my handbag to wipe down baby chairs in restaurants or changing tables on airplanes. I love that the wipes are made of soft material and very moist, making it very gentle on their skin." Donne (@mummabeedubai)

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