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hospital bag checklist for dad

Hospital bag checklist for dad

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In the run-up to your new baby’s arrival, any discussions around what to pack in the hospital bag tend to focus on mum and baby.

But don’t forget - you’re going to be there too and while hopefully you won’t be in the hospital long, there are some essentials you’ll need. Our hospital bag checklist for dad has you covered.

  1. Hospital bag checklist for dad

  2. Mum’s hospital bag

1. Hospital bag checklist for dad - the essentials

  • Toiletries - These are vital when it comes to a hospital bag for dad. No one likes furry teeth, so be sure to include a toothbrush in your hospital bag.

  • A change of clothes - Bear in mind maternity wards can be quite warm, so take shorts/t-shirts as well as trousers and a jumper, even in winter, in your hospital bag.

  • Phone - Make sure it has plenty of space on there for all the photos (don’t forget the charger).

  • Tablet, or podcasts/music to listen to on your phone - There may be time to fill while your baby and partner sleep.

  • Snacks - And plenty of them. Certainly underrated when it comes to items on the hospital bag checklist.

2. Mum’s hospital bag - lend a helping hand

But before you start packing your hospital bag for dad, a quick tip: has your partner sorted her hospital bag yet? This can be a hard thing for many mums-to-be to get on with. Partly because they usually have 100 other things to organise before baby’s arrival, but also because packing the bag seems to signify that you’re ‘ready’ for this baby…which isn’t always how mums-to-be feel!

So, why not help out by offering to pack it for her? If you found our hospital bag checklist for dads helpful when why not check out our hospital bag checklist for mum to find out everything she’ll need (obviously check she has no additions) and hey presto - you’ve helped out and she has one less thing on her plate.

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