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WaterWipes awarded Skin Health Alliance accreditation

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At WaterWipes, we understand your need for clear skin safety and claims you can trust in, that’s why we’re proud to announce that the full WaterWipes range has been awarded accreditation from the Skin Health Alliance.

This includes:

What is the Skin Health Alliance?

The Skin Health Alliance is an independent association of dermatologists and scientists who play an important role in verifying the safety and efficacy of skin care products. The Skin Health Alliance awards professional dermatological accreditation to products and services, making you as a consumer feel confident in the products you choose.

Accreditation is awarded by an independent review committee of scientists who evaluate a scientific report along with completing an examination of user and clinical trial data to support the safety and efficacy of products.

Why is accreditation important?

While many products have been dermatologically tested by manufacturers or checked for the suitability for skin sensitivity and allergies, often these labels haven’t been verified by an independent association or don’t have the backing of specialist dermatologists. We know that choosing products that are safe for you and your baby’s skin can therefore be confusing.

Independent dermatological associations, such as the Skin Health Alliance, provide clarity to shopping confusion by verifying the suitability and safety of skincare products. We know that a validated stamp of approval from independent dermatological associations is important to you, and that’s why we’re proud to be accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, adding to the numerous global accreditations WaterWipes has received.

What makes WaterWipes different?

WaterWipes have been specifically developed to be as mild and pure as cotton wool and water, to help maintain the important skin barrier of the outermost layers of the skin, while offering the convenience of a wipe. Made from minimal ingredients, the full WaterWipes range provides gentle cleansing for the most delicate skin.

WaterWipes have secured numerous global accreditations, sponsorships, endorsements and registrations, including:

  • Skin Health Alliance

  • Allergy UK

  • The French Association for the Prevention of Allergies (Association Française pour la Prévention des Allergies – AFPRAL)

  • Eczema Association of Australasia (EAA) sponsorship

  • The Vegan Society

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