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mother chnaging a baby's nappy

all you need for winter’s eczema flare-up

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Winter and the cooler months bring cold dry air which make it hard for a baby’s skin to retain moisture. Lack of moisture can cause itchiness and irritation to a newborns sensitive skin, and for a baby who suffers from eczema, this sensitivity is heightened and requires careful management.

There are many things that can lead to a winter eczema flare up. The constant switch between the cold, windy conditions outside and the warm air of a heater can irritate the skin. Even certain clothing such as heavy woollen fabrics can cause irritation.

When treating an eczema flare up, the products that you use are very important. Many products such as baby washes and baby wipes contain harsh chemicals which can aggravate baby’s delicate skin and can cause more harm than good. Even products that claim natural ingredients can be found to contain chemicals that irritate a newborn baby’s thin, delicate skin.

Lois Wattis, experienced midwife, registered nurse and author of ‘New Baby 101 – A Midwife’s Guide for New Parents’, has shared her views on how parents need to be very wary of the products they use on their sensitive newborn’s skin.

“I have been a midwife for more than 18 years and have seen too many newborn babies develop angry red rashes due to the chemicals in many ‘brand-name’ baby products,” she said.

“I first came across WaterWipes about five years ago and recommend the brand in my book simply because I have seen first-hand the ramifications of using wipes with harsh chemicals. Not just for babies either – I have seen mothers who have developed skin reactions on their fingers and hands from the on-going use of other baby wipes filled with chemicals.”

“Midwives recommend parents of new babies to simply use water and cloth for nappy changes at home – especially for those who have skin conditions such as eczema. This isn’t always possible of course so the only baby wipe I recommend to new Mums and Dads is WaterWipes,” said Wattis.

Winter takes a toll on everyone’s skin, especially the sensitive skin of a baby, so when treating a nasty winter eczema flare up, look to the wipes that were designed specifically to heal your baby’s delicate skin.

WaterWipes are suitable for sensitive skin and are the only baby wipe to be approved by Allergy UK and Awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance. They are also now approved by Skin Health Alliance.

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