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WaterWipes receives a Black Box Gold Award

WaterWipes receives a Black Box Gold Award.

WaterWipes recently had the opportunity to be part of a Black Box research survey. Carefully selected Black Box members with babies aged 0 to 1 were given the chance to trial WaterWipes. WaterWipes received outstanding feedback and testimonials, with nine out of ten Mum’s saying they would recommend WaterWipes. As a result of this, WaterWipes has been awarded their prestigious Gold Medal.

This research found that:

After trying WaterWipes, 80% of consumers said that they would buy again

91% would recommend WaterWipes to others


Here are some of the great things the Mums had to say.

“Loved how the moisture stayed in these.  Made cleaning easy.”

“Excellent product, wetter than other brands which makes cleaning easier.”

“Awesome and natural. Great for newborns sensitive bums.”

“Great feel.  Both me and my baby have eczema so these are great.”

“I Love how natural these are and they worked well on my baby’s skin.”

Source: Black Box Campaign 2016. Sample size: 2,275.