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Babies don’t come with instruction manuals so we’ve been asking real parents about their experiences to help you when you need it most.

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"I have been using it since my daughter was born and now she is 1.5 I'm still using it it's very good and it's pure water" Berrin Komur
"LOVE!! My newborn son had a horrible reaction to huggie and pamper wipes. He became so raw, to the point he was bleeding. I researched and found your product and ordered immediately hoping it would work for us. It did!! Within two days his little bottom looked so much better. Now these are the only wipes we will use, and I buy them to send to his daycare. Thank you!!" Jenny
"I absolutely love waterwipes. Every time that my daughter would get diaper rash even sensitive wipes would irritate her delicate skin. But when I would use waterwipes the diaper rash would go away within a day. I just love this product and would highly recommend it." Krista

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