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this is getting ready for your baby.

How do you prepare for the unknown? One expectant couple opened up about their physical, mental, emotional and hospital bag preparation.

this is getting ready for your baby.

“We’ve never even looked after a baby before.”

A lot of expectant parents have never changed a nappy or even looked after a baby before having one of their own. So that first night home alone with your baby can seem daunting but you can do it.

Before the baby arrives you’ll do a birth plan, pack your hospital bag and get the room ready as well as read loads of baby books and advice. Most of this you’ll forget but rest assured, everyone is different and there is no wrong or right way to prepare for your baby.

But by choosing WaterWipes in advance - knowing that it’s recommended by midwives as suitable for newborn skin - you can make using the right baby wipe one less thing to worry about.

A toddler crying out for its mother.
A father reaching for a WaterWipes packet.

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