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Mother with her two newborn twins.

twin pregnancy: what to expect when you’re expecting twins

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So you’ve found out you’re having not one baby…but two! And while this is hugely exciting, the chances are you’re feeling just a little nervous. After all, just 1 in 65 births* are multiple, so you may not have someone instantly to turn to for tips and advice.

‘We had joked that it could be twins because my wife was in maternity jeans so quickly,’ says Stuart, father of three. ‘But I never actually thought it was. So when we found out it was just total shock. My wife went into practical-mode, listing all the adjustments we’d need to make, like get a new car, while I was just dumbfounded. After a few days, excitement definitely kicked in, but there was an ever-present fear throughout the pregnancy that we would just never sleep again!’

Concerns when expecting twins

The first thing to say is these fears are completely natural, so don’t feel guilty for experiencing them. Airing your concerns with other people in-the-know is usually very helpful, so look into antenatal groups specifically aimed at people expecting twins, plus online communities.

In terms of your pregnancy, of course, your body will feel the strain, so do be as kind to yourself as possible and again, never worry about voicing any concerns or struggles you may be having.

‘I was so excited when I found out I was expecting twins but really struggled as the pregnancy advanced,’ says Sally, mum to Poppy and Eloise. ‘I had to prop my stomach up at night with pillows and was endlessly going to the toilet. Hip pain is a big issue, and my main advice would be look into a support belt as it did help me a lot.’

The joy of baby twins

Two little babies are certainly going to keep you busy, but watching this incredible (and incredibly rare) bond is going to be so amazing. ‘Even when my boys were tiny they would hold hands and reach out for each other, and it would amaze me every time,’ says David, dad to Arthur and Max. ‘And while they are certainly a lot of work, they really do entertain each other too, which is very helpful.’

Everybody’s experience will be different but one thing we can guarantee is - this will be an incredible journey. And while, yes, there is going to be double the work for you in many ways, there is also going to be double the love. Good luck! And for more information and advice on what to expect when you’re expecting, see our range of articles on pregnancy and birth here.

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