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Teething rash: soothing your baby’s skin

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Teething is a difficult part of your baby’s development. Their tiny mouth is in a lot of discomfort, which is painful both for baby, and for parents to see, plus there are the various ‘issues’ that come along with it, such as sleepless nights and teething rash.

What is teething rash?

Teething rash is redness on the skin around your baby’s chin, mouth, cheeks and neck. It’s caused by excess saliva that babies produce when teething, which then irritates their sensitive skin. 1

How to keep teething rash to a minimum

The best course of action is to keep baby’s skin as dry as possible, without irritating it further. The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) suggests gently wiping your baby’s skin with a clean soft cloth to keep the area dry without causing them any discomfort1 . WaterWipes – the world’s purest baby wipe – also offer a very gentle way to clean baby’s skin 2.

Ways to try and prevent teething rash

Applying bland ointments around your baby’s mouth is one way of avoiding or keeping teething rash to a minimum. The NCT recommend petroleum jelly, but speak to a pharmacist, GP or paediatrician for their recommendations. Additionally, try to avoid or at least limit time using a dummy or pacifier if you use one, as this can 'lock in' wetness around the mouth.

Ultimately, teething rash isn’t nice for your baby, but it’s also nothing to worry about, and will pass in time. However, if you do think your baby’s flushed cheeks are caused by something different, such as a fever, do consult a healthcare professional. And for more advice on this (often challenging) time, read our article on teething symptoms and pain relief 3.


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