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Baby wipes and nappy change

your pregnancy hospital bag checklist: everything you need & nothing you don’t.

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It’s a truth universally accepted that when pregnant, packing your hospital bag is one of those things it’s so hard to get around to.

No one wants to be the one turning up to the hospital with a suitcase on wheels, two holdalls and a birthing ball, but if you look online it can really seem as if there’s a lot of stuff you need, making the whole task feel a bit stressful and something you therefore just… put off.

But once you reach the 35-week mark it’s a very good idea to have your hospital bag ready to go just in case. So to help, we’ve compiled a hospital bag checklist so you can see what you need to feel prepared for your big day (and the good news is - it really isn’t that much).

What to pack in your pregnancy hospital bag – for mum

Your maternity notes and birth plan

So the midwives and healthcare professionals are clued up on what you want and need.

Comfortable pjs and slippers

You may like the idea of wearing new silk pyjamas when receiving hospital visitors, but believe us – comfort is the only thing you’ll care about post-birth. (Also – take a couple of PJs for different temperatures as you never know whether the maternity ward will be freezing or boiling).


Big cotton underwear (disposable paper ones are uncomfortable) and maternity pads, plus nursing bra and breast pads if you’re planning on breastfeeding.)


You may be in for a while so it’s a good idea to have something to pass the time and/or help relax you during labour.


Just some travel-sized essentials will do - shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and brush, moisturizer and lip balm.


To keep both mum and birthing partner going.

Going-home outfit

The clothes you arrived to the hospital in might be a bit worse for wear, so something clean and comfy for going home in is a good idea.

Phone and charger

Because how else are you going to let everyone know that ‘HE’S ARRIVED!!’?

What to pack in your pregnancy hospital bag - for baby

For obvious reasons, really.

Clothes and hats

A few newborn babygrows and hats, maybe 4-6, plus a few pairs of socks.

Baby wipes

The closest alternative to cotton wool and water, WaterWipes are the world’s purest baby wipes; the number one choice for newborn skin and are used in maternity wards across the UK and Ireland.


Just one or two, cellular ones are a good idea, as they’re cosy yet breathable.


For mopping up the various fluids there’s sure to be.

So there you have it! Obviously there might be more you want to add depending on your needs, but by getting the essentials together you can feel well-prepared for the first step of your parenting journey, and you can cross something off your to-do list. And really, is there anything more satisfying than that?

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