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Baby with baby wipes

the essential baby starter kit 

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When it comes to baby products, the list is endless. Everything from their nursery décor to their transportation methods needs to be researched, bought and somehow found space for, which can leave you tied up in knots. But to get this journey off to the best start, you only need to focus on the essentials. So, we’ve compiled a list of the products you really do need, plus a few things that it may not be worth wasting your time, money or valuable storage space on.

The essential baby starter kit

1. Wipes

It’s true, your baby really will just feed, sleep and poop so there’ll be a lot of bottom-wiping involved. Created using just water and a drop of fruit extract, WaterWipes are the World’s purest baby wipe and are the closest alternative to cotton wool and water.

2. Nappies

Stockpile these like there’s no tomorrow. It’s that or risk a bleary-eyed trip to the supermarket.

3. Muslins

Great for mopping up so many fluids, regurgitated milk, wee, liquid poo, tears (yours and theirs), you name it.

4. Easy clothes

Proper’ little clothes like shirts and cardigans are cute, but you’re going to be undressing and re-dressing your baby so many times that front-opening baby grows are always a winner. And don’t forget – they grow out of things super quickly so no need to go overboard.

5. Blankets

Cellular blankets are a good idea as they keep baby cosy while still being breathable.

6. Newborn bottle or steriliser kit

Breastfeeding is considered the ideal way to feed your baby. However, if for some reason you do not want or cannot breastfeed, it’s a good idea to have this from the start. You may find you have to bottle-feed for some reason or want to express so someone else can have a go at feeding.

Up for Debate

1. Swaddling blankets

There’s really no need for specific blankets for swaddling; an ordinary one will work just fine.

2. A wet-wipe warmer

This gadget needs to be plugged in, which means your baby wipes will be confined to one room, so not hugely practical.

3. Nappy Bin

This one divides opinions. A nappy genie, for some, can be a really useful utility but they can take up a lot of room and it’s easy to forget they need emptying. A simple alternative is a separate, normal bin for nappy and empty regularly.

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