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A baby playing with food

weaning diaries: food flying everywhere & caring for hands, faces & bottoms.

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Food glorious food. Whether you grow everything in your own garden or love nothing more than the indulgence of a take away, the enjoyment of food is one of life’s simplest pleasures.

But once you start introducing solids to your baby… well, let’s just say mealtimes won’t necessarily be ‘simple’ anymore – but they will become a whole load more fun.

baby weaning: prepare for mess

In their ears, eyes, up their nose - there is no limit to the amount of crevices that food will get lost in, not to mention all over your lovely floor. The best approach? Let it go.

“Some of my favourite home videos are of Milo’s first attempts at eating solids, as his little face is so astounded by the new experience,” says dad, Tim. “And of course we’ve got the obligatory photo of his face covered in spaghetti bolognese. The novelty does wear off but we’ve got a few tricks like feeding him in just a nappy whenever possible. And we know only to give him certain foods, like tuna, if we can get him straight in the bath afterwards, because it goes everywhere and stinks!”

babies – fussy eaters

“Nathan was an amazing eater when we first started feeding him,” says dad, Ed. “Like most parents I started off with really good intentions and used to blend up superfoods like kale, and even though it tasted pretty gross, he’d eat it all with a smile on his face! That lured me into a false sense of security though as now he’s almost two, he is so much fussier. I worried at first but now I just give him a combination of the few meals he’ll eat. Children change so much that who knows, in another six months he might be keen try whatever we throw at him.”

Slaving over a nutritious meal for our little one, only for it to get chucked around is not fun. Alas, most babies will have fussy phases, but this is just another reason to enjoy eating together as a family – whatever they leave behind means more for the rest of you! (Just keep your eye on their plate to make sure it doesn’t end up on the floor first).

baby constipation and stomach issues

“Edie got constipated when we first started weaning her, which is apparently pretty common because their stomach is just getting used to digesting food,” says mum, Megan. “I hated the thought of her being uncomfortable though, so I looked it up and one food that’s meant to help is papaya. Suffice to say it worked so well it’s been renamed papooya in our house!”

As well as constipation babies can get diarrhoea too, because new things are being introduced to their digestive system. This usually is nothing to worry about although if you ever are concerned, do speak to your GP.

So all that’s left to say is - good luck! Meal times aren’t always going to be easy but they will be eventful, so get out your camera and embrace the chaos!

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