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Dribbling baby

baby teething: pain relief and symptoms.

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If you ask us teething is a right pain in the…well, mouth. When teeth push their way through, poor babies have really sore gums, which interrupts their sleep and makes them moody during the day (understandable, given there aren’t many things worse than toothache). So then you have poor parents who are even more tired than normal and have to deal with grizzly babies. Sigh.

the impacts of teething

“One of my biggest surprises after becoming a parent was just how tough teething is,” says James, Dad to Spencer, three. “I guess it’s one of those things you just hear - ‘oh, he’s teething’ - and think nothing of it but actually, it basically transformed Spencer from this chilled-out dude to an absolute nightmare as he couldn’t sleep and was at times clearly in quite a bit of pain.”

how to make it through teething

There are a few steps you can take to help ease your baby’s discomfort, such as giving them teething toys, or pain relief (check with your doctor or pharmacist first).

“My number one baby-buy was a ‘teething necklace’,” says Lorna, mum to baby Cole. “Other teething toys he wasn’t that interested in, but this, which basically has big silicone shapes he can gnaw on, was a god send. He would chew away while I carried him and never had to worry about it dropping on the floor! One of my friends swears by cool carrot and cucumber sticks, too’.*

As well as thinking about their gums, try and keep their chins free from dribble to prevent a rash appearing! WaterWipes are the number one choice for baby's delicate skin, made from 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract.**

If none of the above helps and you are struggling to manage the trials of teething, speak to a healthcare professional who may be able to offer more advice to see you through.

how long does teething last?

The good news is, teething does come to an end, with most children having all their milk teeth by two and a half, according to the NHS. And while it’s not much fun at the time, there is something exciting about this milestone, watching your baby grow into a proper little boy or girl. All you need to do now is get them to brush their teeth…

* Always check that a toy / item is suitable for babies to put in their mouth before giving to them.

** Please note, WaterWipes are not to be used as teething cloths. Suitable for use outside the mouth only.

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