new WaterWipes with Soapberry. perfect for growing babies

new WaterWipes with Soapberry. perfect for growing babies

WaterWipes with Soapberry.

Our new WaterWipes with Soapberry have been made for your growing baby using a drop of fruit and soapberry extract - a naturally powerful cleanser.

Suitable for weaning and exploring babies, soapberry is just as kind on sensitive skin.

Made with 99.9% water, a drop of fruit and soapberry extract, they’re just as pure as WaterWipes original.

WaterWipes with soapberry have been specifically created to clean little hands, faces and bottoms.


Water (Aqua) 99.9% and Citrus Grandis (grapefruit) seed extract*, Sapindus trifoliatus (Soapberry) fruit extract.

*Contains trace of Benzalkonium Chloride.

Optional how to use information: (from pack)

Guidelines for use

WaterWipes are a fresh, pure product. We recommend you store your wipes upside down until opening and open one pack at a time. Use within 4 weeks of opening and reseal after every use.

benefits of WaterWipes.

Suitable for faces, hands, feet and bottoms
Natural and kind on skin but tough on mess
Mild and hypoallergenic
The world’s purest baby wipes – made with 99.9% water, a drop of fruit and soapberry extract
The National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™

our environmental pledge.

Please dispose of WaterWipes responsibly. Wipes should never be flushed.

At WaterWipes we pride ourselves on making the world’s purest baby wipe for newborn and sensitive skin. We fully understand that we also have responsibility to help protect the planet your little one will inherit. That’s why we have made a commitment to develop a 100% biodegradable wipe by 2023, without compromising on our minimal and pure ingredients.

We have identified a 5-stage development process to achieve this target and are making excellent progress. We currently have several new materials at various stages of this process and we are confident we can crack the science before our deadline.

The terms flushable and biodegradable are often used interchangeably, but they are very different. No wipes, including biodegradable wipes, should be flushed. Often, even flushable wipes take time to break down in our sewer systems. Disposing of wipes with the household rubbish is the best way to help protect our environment.

sizes for all occasions.

60 count
60 count
4 x 60 count (240 count total)
4 x 60 count (240 count total)
9 x 60 count (540 count total)
9 x 60 count (540 count total)

where to buy.

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