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Clinical resources and updates.

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Premature baby in an incubator

A Quality Improvement Approach to Perineal Skin Care

A clinical study of 1,070 premature babies revealed that standardizing perineal skin can guidelines could reduce diaper dermatitis.

Benefits of WaterWipes® for HCPs wearing PPE

Learn about a study that showed benefits of using WaterWipes® as part of a skin care routine for HCPs wearing PPE.

RCSI Natalie McEvoy in PPE
A baby laying down beside a packet of WaterWipes while it has its diaper changed

Baby Skin Integrity Comparison Survey (BaSICS)

Learn more about the BaSICS study conducted by the University of Salford in the UK.

Facial Pressure Injuries and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Study shows WaterWipes helps with PPE skin damage and reduces the risk of Facial Pressure Injuries from PPE in COVID-19 frontline healthcare workers. Learn more.

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