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A mother holding her newborn baby to her chest.

three on the way: how to cope with triplet pregnancy

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Being pregnant with triplets is incredibly exciting but also quite nerve-wracking – the chances of having triplets in your family and/or friendship circle is exceptionally rare, so it’s not unusual for parents-to-be in this situation to feel alone.

It’s important to know that while you are experiencing something very unique, you are not entirely alone, however, and reaching out to others can go some way towards allaying your fears. To help you on your way, we spoke to some moms of triplets to find out how they felt and coped with this extraordinary journey.

The fear can be very real

‘We became pregnant with triplets after IVF, so we knew a multiple birth was a possibility but were nonetheless dumbfounded when we found out,’ says Susanne, mom to two girls and one boy. ‘After the shock subsided a little, I felt excited and lucky but it was soon replaced by fear. IVF itself is emotionally grueling, and we’d had a failed round prior to this one, so to then have a type of pregnancy that brings so many more risks than a “normal” one was very difficult, emotionally as well as physically. That fear pretty much lasted the entire pregnancy, but I’m glad to say we're three times happier to be a family of five now.’

Let go of expectations as best you can

‘Like most people, I had an idea of how pregnancy and motherhood would go, but once I found out I was carrying triplets, all of that went out of the window,’ says Jo, mom to triplet boys. ‘In a way, it was liberating. There would be no going about life as normal, no researching mom-and-baby swimming lessons, no pressure to exclusively breastfeed. It was literally - just get through this day by day. Oh, and nothing fits so get used to flashing a bit of skin.’

Take care of yourself

‘My tip would be rest, rest and rest some more,’ says Sienna, mom to three girls. ‘I felt awful during the first trimester and half of the second, but even when I felt more “normal” it was very difficult to do even a short walk without feeling exhausted. This is compounded by absolutely no one around me knowing what I was going through, but in hindsight, I would have been honest and asked for help a little more, instead of feeling guilty.’

While there may not be many, or anyone else expecting triplets in your area, do reach out online to triplet-specific communities to seek solace and support from people who really know what you’re going through. Or simply ask your friends and family – they should be on speed dial to support you at this testing yet amazing, life-affirming time.

This is going to be one big (or three little) adventures – good luck and for more information, advice and support, find our range of articles on pregnancy and birth here.

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