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Pure Foundation Fund 2022 - Terms & Conditions


To be nominated, individuals must be registered as a healthcare professional in the United States of America or Canada, specifically working in the field of maternity, neonatology or postnatal care. Individuals must also work in a private or publicly-funded healthcare service in the United States of America or Canada to apply.

Healthcare professionals and parents / expectant parents can nominate an individual specifically involved in neonatal, postnatal, and maternity care. Healthcare professionals can also nominate themselves. All nominations from a healthcare professional should outline how the individual has gone above and beyond to provide an exceptional level of maternity, neonatal, or postnatal care and how they have contributed to improved medical practice and/or improved outcomes for babies and their families. Healthcare professionals nominating themselves can only nominate themselves once. Healthcare professionals and parents/expectant parents nominating others can nominate more than one healthcare professional.

The Bursary Fund

There will be one winner for the United States of America and two winners for Canada. One winner will be nominated by either a healthcare professional Or a parent / expectant parent.

The winning healthcare professional will be awarded a prize value of $3,000 USD for their department/unit to continue to improve the care of parents and babies. Payment will be made via bank transfer to the department/unit that the winner was associated with at the time of the submission. This could be used towards the purchase of equipment, to fund training, improve practice, or support further research relating to pregnancy and/or newborn, neonatal, or postnatal care. The winning healthcare professional will be asked to confirm with WaterWipes how the bursary fund is intended to be spent. If the winners withdraw from practice or transfer to another unit, university or hospital, the prize fund will be non-transferable and will remain within the original winner’s department.

The prize for the parent / expectant parent who provided the winning nomination

The parent / expectant who provided the nomination of the chosen winner will receive a six-month supply of WaterWipes. This six-month supply will only be valid to those who are currently a resident in the United States of America or Canada. The nominee of the winner will receive their supply of WaterWipes within 3 months of the winner being contacted.

What information do we collect from you?

This privacy notice relates to the information we collect for the Pure Foundation Fund bursary scheme. To enable WaterWipes to consider your submission, we require the following information to be included as part of the entry.

As part of the submission and nomination process, your personal data will be held with WaterWipes UC to ensure we are able to keep applicants informed. Unless you provide consent on the entry form for your name to be used in social media/marketing activities, we will only use the personal data provided as part of the application process and we will only use your name and information provided as part of the internal review process and to notify the winner who submitted the nomination.

Upon entering please provide the following details:

  1. Your name, address, contact number and email address

  2. Your job title if you are a healthcare professional

  3. The name, job title and professional organisation/hospital or unit, of the healthcare professional you are nominating

  4. Healthcare professional nomination (healthcare professional nominating a healthcare professional and a healthcare professional self-nomination):


As part of a 200-800-word statement, please summarize how you / the individual contributed to improved medical practice and/or outcomes for babies and their families. Please also provide information on how you / the healthcare professional has gone above and beyond to provide an exceptional level of neonatal, maternity, or postnatal care. Please begin your entry with ‘These are the hands…’ to represent the hands that touch the lives of expectant and new parents, both physically and emotionally and tell the inspiring stories of the lives they have touched.

You agree that if you are a nominating party or if you are selected as a winner, upon request, you will sign any required release granting permission to use your name, likeness, and any other applicable attributes for the purpose of promoting the Pure Foundation Fund.


If known, the statement should also specify what the prize fund would be used for, should you / they be chosen as the winner.

For further information about the fund, or questions regarding the application process, please contact:

[email protected]

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