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Supporting parents in their post-NICU journey

Supporting parents in their post-NICU journey

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Parents of premature babies may need extra guidance for this new chapter of parenthood. To provide support, we developed several resources for navigating the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and post-NICU experiences.

Finding yourself unexpectedly in the NICU can come as a shock, and you likely have many questions about premature baby care. Learn what to expect as a preemie parent and gain a better understanding of premature baby development.

How to Care for Your Premature Baby’s Skin

Premature babies’ skin is very fragile, and their skin health can impact overall health. To help parents understand how to best care for their baby’s skin, preemie parent Rachel Mesko interviewed Dr. Bari Cunningham, a pediatric dermatologist at Comprehensive Dermatology Group. Watch the video below to learn more.

If you have more questions on how to care for your preemie’s skin, read responses to commonly asked questions, including clothing and bathing recommendations, skin color changes to watch for, and more.

How We Support World Prematurity Day

Each year, we celebrate NICU families around the world for World Prematurity Day on November 17. Learn about the partner organizations we work with to support families with premature babies.

Bryce’s NICU Project

Devoted to showing love, support and encouragement to parents with babies in the NICU of local Texas hospitals since 2015. This organization provides gifts and lunches for parents with babies in the NICU.

Canada Premature Baby Foundation

A parent-led non-profit organization providing education, support and advocacy for Canada’s premature babies and their families.

Miracle Babies

Dedicated to helping perinatal mothers and their families during their time of need by providing transportation, mental health assistance, and supportive services.

Project Sweet Peas

A national non-profit organization providing support to families and caregivers of premature or sick infants and families impacted by pregnancy and infant loss.

Post-NICU Tip Sheet

The first few weeks after returning home from the NICU can be overwhelming for parents. Our tip sheet provides important guidance for parents on what to expect and how to look after themselves through self-care activities and relying on support networks.

Affirmation Cards

Sometimes parents just need to hear a few comforting words. Our affirmation cards provide words of reassurance and inspiration to support parents of premature babies as they navigate the emotional ups and downs of post-NICU life.

affirmation card 1

affirmation card 2

affirmation card 3

affirmation card 4

affirmation card 5

affirmation card 6

affirmation card 7

Pledge Cards

A little help goes a long way. Our pledge cards encourage friends and family to provide care and support to parents through simple, but meaningful gestures.








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