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Supporting parents in their post-NICU journey

Supporting parents in their post-NICU journey

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Parents bringing their premature babies home for the first time may need extra guidance and support as they figure out this new chapter in their parenthood journey. Our post-NICU package includes a tip sheet to provide guidance, affirmation cards to give words of hope, and pledge cards to allow friends and families to support parents.

Post-NICU Tip Sheet

The first few weeks after returning home from the NICU can be overwhelming for parents. Our tip sheet provides important guidance for parents on what to expect and how to look after themselves through self-care activities and relying on support networks.

Affirmation cards

Sometimes parents just need to hear a few comforting words. Our affirmation cards provide words of reassurance and inspiration to support parents of premature babies as they navigate the emotional ups and downs of post-NICU life.

affirmation card 1

affirmation card 2

affirmation card 3

affirmation card 4

affirmation card 5

affirmation card 6

affirmation card 7

Pledge cards

A little help goes a long way. Our pledge cards encourage friends and family to provide care and support to parents through simple, but meaningful gestures.








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