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WaterWipes are purer than cloth and water

So the big questions is, wipes or washcloths? Which choice leads to happier skin, calm babies, and well-rested parents? Let’s close the debate…

The real deal on washcloths.

It doesn’t get much purer than a simple cloth and water, right? Actually, it can! We’re here to tell you that WaterWipes are an even purer choice for your baby’s skin. Here’s why.

A baby’s skin is amazingly sensitive. Rashes, itches, irritation – no parent wants to see their baby experience even a moment of discomfort. So it’s no wonder some parents prefer washcloths. They’re cute, sustainable, and seem more trustworthy than mass-market baby wipes, which can come loaded with unfamiliar ingredients. We’ve read those labels, and well… yecch.

But while wipes list all their ingredients, a washcloth’s drawbacks aren’t so readily apparent. Let’s take a closer look.

The Cloth

A cotton cloth, while gentle, is almost never sterile. Not when purchased at the store, and even less so after washing. Cotton’s texture makes it a magnet for dust particles, human hair/skin, fibers from other textiles, and airborne impurities.

The Washing

If you’re turned off by wipes with too many mystery ingredients, you probably already know the issues with laundry detergents. Some level of residue almost always remains on textiles after a spin in the laundry.

Hand-washing, or just rinsing in water, can reduce these residues, but at the expense of deep cleaning.

The Water

Speaking of water, typical tap water can contain chemicals such as lead, copper, chlorine, fluoride and nickel. They are usually in tiny amounts, but they’re there.

Boiling, then cooling water before cleaning your baby’s skin will eliminate all microbes, but can’t remove all these impurities.

What makes WaterWipes the most pure option:

An independent study has confirmed WaterWipes are purer than cloth and water. Here are the ways WaterWipes are made to be the purest possible choice:

Just two ingredients – 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract

Manufactured in clean-room conditions

7-step purification process for water

Every wipe is decontaminated

Pack design prevents contamination of individual wipes

And for parents out there who are sticking to washcloths due to environmental concerns, we hear you and we’re bringing you a solution! We fully understand the impact wipes have on the environment and are committed to helping to protect the planet your little one will inherit. That’s why we’re working to provide a 100% biodegradable baby wipe by next year. Actually we’ve already started to transition to biodegradable wipes with our new Adult Care wipes.

So swap those washcloths from your registry for WaterWipes. It’s one of those small decisions that makes a bigger difference than you’d think.

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