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Father’s Day Headspace Gift

1,500 Headspace subscriptions for Father’s Day up for grabs!

We recognize that each parent’s journey has highs & lows unique to their family, and one way for every parent to start each day on the right foot is through meditation. This Father’s Day, we want to honor Dads for all the selfless things they do by gifting them Headspace subscriptions so they start or continue to take care of their mental wellbeing.

Headspace offers meditation & mindfulness courses to suit the specific needs of Fathers with courses for sleep, focus, work, anxiety or other topics that will give Dad peace of mind.

For Mental Health Awareness Month in May, WaterWipes gifted parents across the country Headspace subscriptions at a time when they needed it most, and we’re excited to continue this initiative for Father’s Day. To enter, simply sign up below.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Promotion ends Friday, July 31st at 12:00pm EST.

  2. Gift is limited to 1,500 participants, chosen at random.

  3. Receivers of subscription will be notified by August 5th, 2020.

  4. Participant must be 18 years of age and live in the United States or Canada.

  5. Only one entry per household.