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Benefits of WaterWipes® for HCPs wearing PPE

Learn about a study that showed benefits of using WaterWipes® as part of a skin care routine for HCPs wearing PPE.

Study of 698 babies shows those cleansed with WaterWipes® are less likely to get nappy rash

The Paper ‘698 mothers and babies, 38 390 nappy changes: what did we learn?’ published in British Journal of Midwifery, demonstrated that WaterWipes showed a clinically significant advantage in the prevention and reduction of nappy rash.

Study of 698 babies shows those cleansed with WaterWipes are less likely to get nappy rash
Newborn baby in an incubator

Use of WaterWipes® and nappy balm helped eliminate nappy rash in Nemour Hospital

A poster from the NICU of Nemours Hospital, presented at the Academy of Neonatal Nursing’s 2020 national conference, demonstrated that using WaterWipes and a nappy balm resulted in the elimination of nappy rash.

Independent study shows wipes are preferred to cotton wool and water

Part 1 of the Paper ‘A qualitative description of participation in an eight-week infant skin integrity study’, published in British Journal of Midwifery, explored postnatal skincare. All mothers interviewed preferred wipes to cotton wool and water.

nappy change
core nappy change newborn

Study shows qualitative interviews provide valuable guidance for future research on infant skin care

Part 2 of ‘A qualitative description of participation in an eight-week infant skin integrity study’, showed previous positive experiences and products considered ‘natural’ with limited ingredients, influence parental decisions on skin care.

New study on frontline healthcare workers shows WaterWipes® helps reduce Facial Pressure Injuries from PPE

A study led by researchers from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), found using WaterWipes as part of a care bundle, reduces Facial Pressure Injuries (FPIs) in frontline COVID-19 healthcare workers caused by the prolonged wearing of PPE.

RCSI Clinical Study Product Bundle
A baby laying down beside a packet of WaterWipes while it has its nappy changed.

New Clinical study highlights how different baby wipe products can impact skin integrity of infants

The Baby Skin Integrity Comparison Survey (BaSICS) study, published in Pediatrics & Neonatology, shows babies cleansed with WaterWipes had a lower incidence and shorter duration of nappy rash than those cleansed with other leading brands.

New independent clinical study reveals WaterWipes® is well tolerated by both term and preterm babies.

The University of Utah Hospital’s study, published in Advances in Neonatal Care, demonstrates use of WaterWipes, alongside perineal skin care guidelines reduces incidence and shortens duration of nappy rash in premature babies.

Reduced severe nappy rash incidence in premature babies by over a third

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