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pack more into your trip with WaterWipes this winter

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Whether you are indulging in a ski adventure or enjoying a city break with your family this winter, there is a travel essential that will help keep your baby’s skin feeling clear and fresh, wherever you are in the world.

WaterWipes are the perfect addition to your winter suitcase as they contain just two ingredients – 99.9% purified water and 0.1% fruit extract.

When visiting colder climates, the dramatic temperature changes and bundled layers of clothing can exacerbate skin conditions from eczema flare ups, nappy rash, chapped lips and even ‘dribble-rash’ for teething babies.

Reducing exposure to irritants in these cooler conditions is key. As infants skin is thinner and much more sensitive than adult skin, it is important to ensure your baby’s delicate skin remains healthy and clear from rashes and skin conditions. Including a packet of WaterWipes biodegradable, vegan baby wipes for sensitive skin in your suitcase will help you to clean effectively without the need for soap or harsh chemicals, ensuring you can be confident that you’ll be leaving your baby’s skin clean and free from potential irritants.

Ski Holidays

When on a ski holiday, WaterWipes can be a handy accompaniment to any active day. Easy to slot into a small bag, the chemical free wipes are strong and absorbent and leave no oily residue on the skin. You can be reassured that after a day of cold weather potentially irritating your babies skin that these wipes won’t further agitate the issue.

City Breaks

City breaks are a wonderful way to spend a winter getaway. From the culture to the restaurants, there’s plenty to see and do. However, the colder climate paired with the polluted city air can leave babies skin thinking otherwise. Free from the chemical irritants that can be found in other wipes – such as alcohol, fragrance and lanolin, WaterWipes can help to cleanse and revive your baby’s city-stressed winter skin.

Caring for baby’s skin in colder climates

Michelle Comrie, midwife at Southampton Princess Anne Hospital offers the following advice:

  1. When bathing your baby, ensure the temperature of the room is warm to begin with and avoid hot baths as they can dry your baby’s skin. Try and limit them to five to 10 minutes

  2. Be generous when moisturising your baby using a hypo-allergenic emollient to maintain and protect the natural skin barrier. Coconut oil has also been shown to be an effective natural moisturiser with emollient properties*

  3. Between bathing, remember to regularly clean baby dribble or spit up from their neck area and keep this area dry to avoid ‘dribble rash’. Opt for a chemical free baby wipe, such as WaterWipes, made from purified water and grapefruit seed extract, which is renowned for being a natural skin conditioner.

  4. Your baby is also much more likely to suffer from dry, chapped lips or sore cheeks as their skin is thinner. Try rubbing a small amount of coconut oil on the baby’s face and lips before going outdoors and try and limit the time they spend outdoors when it’s especially cold.

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