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You may not notice every little change, but your baby grows faster in their first year compared to any other stage of their life[1]. It is an extremely exciting time for both parent and baby as key developmental milestones are reached and your baby starts to discover the world around them.

However, it can also be a daunting time, especially for new parents. Expert GP Pixie McKenna, author of several books on how babies develop as they grow and weaning, provides her top tips on how parents can look after their baby during the first year, to help them grow, explore and develop.

1.Follow your child’s lead

Although this might be somewhat daunting, encouraging your baby’s natural interest and allowing them to lead their exploration is important. Babies’ learn so much through sensory activities that capture their attention and imagination and this helps build their confidence. A great example of this is music – if your baby responds well to music play it for them or make and play instruments together. Embrace mess! If your baby loves to get messy, take them outside to play in the garden! Letting your baby explore and learn things that are interesting to them, will help them to grow.


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