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a healthcare professional holds a premature baby’s foot

New independent clinical study reveals use of WaterWipes reduces incidence and shortens duration of diaper rash in premature babies

A study in premature babies showed use of WaterWipes, alongside perineal skin guidelines, lowered incidence and shortened duration of diaper rash. Read more.

New clinical study highlights how different baby wipe products can impact skin integrity of infants

The BaSICS study published in Pediatrics and Neonatology shows babies cleansed with WaterWipes had a lower incidence and a shorter duration of nappy rash compared to other leading brands. Find out more.

A baby laying down beside a packet of WaterWipes while it has its nappy changed
nappy rash study graph

Nappy rash clinical studies animation

Watch our new animation and discover findings from the BaSICS and Utah Hospital clinical studies, which revealed use of WaterWipes reduces incidence and shortens duration of nappy rash in both term and preterm babies.

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