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the no.1 wipe against nappy rash*

the no.1 wipe against nappy rash*

taking a stand against nappy rash

We're proud to say that a recent independent study put WaterWipes to the test against two leading brands and we came out on top as the best baby wipe for nappy rash. Not only did the babies taking part have less nappy rash when using our wipes but if they did get it, their nappy rash didn’t last as long. Good news for babies and parents everywhere – especially when as many as 88% of parents say their little ones have experienced nappy rash.

So, what makes WaterWipes the best when it comes to nappy rash? It’s all down to how we make them. Our wipes contain two simple ingredients - purified water and a drop of fruit extract - and use unique water technology to give your baby’s bum a deeper yet gentle clean. That means every time you pick up one of our wipes, you are not only cleaning but caring for your baby’s skin.
What better reason to choose WaterWipes?
If you’re struggling with nappy rash and want to know what more you can do, see our nappy rash tips.

say no to sore bottoms.

With every wipe of WaterWipes you’re taking
a stand against diaper rash.

proven to gently care for your baby’s sensitive skin.

As a product that was born out of a father’s desire to gently care for his daughter’s sensitive skin, we know nappy rash can be as tough on you as it is for your baby. And now, thanks to an independent study, you can relax knowing WaterWipes clean and care for your baby’s skin – and by choosing them you’re doing the very best for your baby’s bum in the fight against nappy rash.

1 in 4 babies affected by nappy rash
WaterWipes shortened the duration of nappy rash
only 19% cleansed with WaterWipes got nappy rash

*Price AD et al., The BaSICS (Baby Skin Integrity Comparison Survey) study: A prospective experimental study using maternal observations to report the effect of baby wipes on the incidence of irritant diaper dermatitis in infants, from birth to eight weeks of age, Pediatrics and Neonatology


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