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WaterWipes receives a big thumbs up from blogger Little Hepburn

Charlotte from beautiful Wanaka-based blog Little Hepburn had nothing but glowing feedback when she recently reviewed WaterWipes.

“When you hold your cute squishy newborn for the first time it’s the best moment of your life ~ you have a little person to take care of, love and treasure! When I was pregnant with Audrey there were so many decisions to make and one that can sometimes get overlooked, is which baby wipes to use! Newborn babies skin is so delicate and using wipes with lots of nasty ingredients, can give them awful rashes! I was gifted my first pack of WaterWipes at my baby shower, from a midwife friend and we haven’t looked back from that moment.
Not only have we never had nappy rash using WaterWipes, but I feel totally comfortable using them to wipe Audrey’s face too”.

To find out more and read the full review visit www.littlehepburn.com

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