this is mess

Food all over them – and on the floor. Milk stains. Mountains of laundry. It’s time to celebrate the messy world of parenthood as it really is.

this is mess

“I keep saying I’m going to clean but who has the time to do that?!”

At times, parenthood can feel like an endless stream of wiping, tidying, cleaning and washing. And that’s never truer than when your baby starts weaning.

All the time and effort we parents spend preparing food and more ends up on them and on the floor than in their mouths. Meaning your WaterWipes end up cleaning faces, hands, feet, bodies, behind the ears and all those places you never thought it was possible to get food.

That’s why we made WaterWipes with natural soapberry extract, for a tougher clean that’s still gentle on their delicate skin. Afterall, their skin can be sensitive thanks to all that dribble and messy food.

A baby using a WaterWipes Wipe on her baby.
A father feeding his toddler at the dinner table.

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