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New clinical study highlights how different baby wipe products can impact skin integrity of infants

About BaSICS

The BaSICS study is a midwifery-led 'real world' research study utilizing a prospective experimental design, delivered by the University of Salford. Recruitment of volunteers was conducted via antenatal clinics at three NHS Trusts across Greater Manchester in England. 737 women were enrolled in the study with 722 eligible at time of baby's birth. 698 women completed the study. Three types of data were collected: daily skin integrity survey for 55 days; longer final survey on day 56; semi-structured interviews with 5% of total sample at the end of the study. The “mother as co-researcher” model gave the mother full responsibility for observation, assessment, and data collection. 100% compliance with using the observation tools and 98% fidelity was achieved using the allocated brand of baby wipe for the majority of days.

The BaSICS study was published in Pediatrics & Neonatology in March 2021.

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