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this is what you need to hear.

When you’re having a tough day being a parent, encouragement from someone who understands can make all the difference in helping you through it.

this is what you need to hear.

“you’re not alone”

Feeling like a good parent is all about self-belief – a point of view that is at the heart of our #ThisIsParenthood project. Self-belief can come from reassurance and realising that other parents are experiencing the same thing.

That’s why we’d love for you to share this film with the parents you know, or share your own words of encouragement to another parent using #ThisIsParenthood. Showing that we’ve all had those doubts, bad days and ‘did that just happen’ moments along with the good.

a mother breastfeeding her baby whilst her own mum feeds her a biscuit.
A mother holding her baby while her husband kisses her.

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