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this is the new me.

How does becoming a parent affect your identity? Two new parents share their journey of self re-discovery.

this is the new me.

“It felt like the old me had gone, and in one sense she has.”

When you become a parent for the first time, it can feel like everything changes. Not only do you feel different but the world sees you differently too. But is change a bad thing? We don’t think so.

Many parents see it as a great opportunity to make positive changes to their lives. Taking their new role as a chance to readjust their priorities – maybe deciding to work less and enjoy more family time or the things that matter to them. Many working parents say it helps them to do the same amount of work but more efficiently as they have less time. There’s a trend of new parents using maternity and paternity leave to start a business. Some parents decide to dedicate themselves to parenthood. Others keep things just as they were, but with a baby in tow. But whatever your parenting style do, all we know is that parenthood gives you skills for life.

A father sleeping with his baby sleeping on his chest as two toddlers watch TV.
A mother holding her toddler whilst she and her other daughter brush their teeth.

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