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Preparing the nest: your nursery setup essentials


One of the best parts of pregnancy is getting your home ready for your little one’s arrival. But at times, it can also feel a bit overwhelming. When stores stock hundreds of different items, all of which make us coo, it can be hard to know what’s essential and what’s not!

In reality, newborns are pretty easy to please. When it comes to putting together their nursery, there are only a few things that are absolute musts. The following is a compilation of the essentials – as well as a few nice-to-haves thrown in!

Crib or bassinet

Babies love their sleep – hence why a place for them to sleep properly is the ultimate essential in a nursery. No matter what style of crib and bassinet you go for, ensure it’s sturdy, of good quality, and has a firm and flat mattress that fits snugly.


Alongside a good crib, plenty of quality bedding is essential. You’ll likely need at least two (washable!) mattress pads, two or three fitted sheets, and a few extra thin blankets. Don’t worry about any other bedding pieces while your baby is a newborn.

Changing gear

A changing table is a handy bit of furniture to have. But if you’ve got a low dresser, a changing pad might be all you need. You’ll also want some storage for changing things as well as something handy to dispose of old nappies.

Spot for feeding

While it’s not absolutely essential, a lot of families love having a rocking or arm chair in the nursery for the night time wind down and feeding – not to mention cuddles!

Storage, storage, and more storage

Babies might be little, but they have a lot of things that come with them! You’ll likely want a dresser in the nursey, as well as baskets or boxes for toys, and maybe even a bookshelf for reading time.

Light and sound

When you and your baby are up at all hours, a lamp with a dimmer is so convenient. A nightlight is also great to keep the room cosey at night. To help your newborn get to sleep, you might like a speaker to play soothing sounds. And you can’t forget the baby monitor – although that might not be essential for the first wee while if your little one is in your room.

Play items

Even as adults, it’s still fun getting toys! Play things you might want to purchase for your nursery include a play mat, a rug that’s easy to clean, a baby swing or bouncer, and other toys and cuddle buddies for your little one.

When putting together your nursery for your wee one’s arrival, focus on these essentials to begin with before adding anything extra. With the incredible range of baby products nowadays, you’re bound to find the essentials in every style and shade – meaning you can put together the perfect unique space for you and your little one. Amongst all the hustle and bustle of preparing for your baby’s arrival, try to enjoy this process of preparing – you’ll likely never have the same unique experience and feelings of anticipation again!

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