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Supporting our vulnerable little ones and their families: WaterWipes and Miracle Babies


Every year, more than 27,000 babies are born prematurely in Australia – and more than 48,000 newborns require specialised care. These little ones often need life-saving support and treatment from professionals who work tirelessly to give them the best start possible in life.

It’s tough for these little fighters, but also immeasurably so for their families. Having a newborn in intensive care is incredibly heart-wrenching. Rather than being able to give their new addition plenty of cuddles and one-on-one love, bonding time is limited. It’s unimaginably difficult to watch your child through an incubator fighting to overcome a tough start in life.

That’s where the Miracle Babies’ Foundation comes in. Formed over 15 years ago, the organisation is Australia's only parent-to-parent support programme available and works with those families who need it the most. From a threatened pregnancy, to time spent in NICU or a Special Care Nursery, to the transition back home. Every day, they provide support, compassion, and understanding to the lives of those newborns in specialised care and their families – as well as the health professionals who work tirelessly for them.

Changing the lives of families – one small action at a time

Miracle Babies’ support is provided for free to Australia's miracle families across the country. No family's situation is ever the same, and every baby born prematurely or unwell faces his or her own battles and hurdles along the way. Miracle Babies know that, and provide a range of services so that every family – no matter their situation or location – can get the support they need.

Whether it’s through NurtureLine, a free 24/7 support helpline for families whenever they need advice and encouraging words, or in-person NurtureTime sessions coordinated in NICUs across the country, parents are never alone throughout this taxing and tough journey.

Additionally, Miracle Babies’ provide resource packages for the families of premature babies, playgroups for the children of affected families, and online support groups to ensure the whole family is looked after throughout.

When it comes to supporting the healthcare professionals who work tirelessly for our most vulnerable newborns, Miracle Babies conduct ongoing research into care for premature babies and advocate for the interests of our healthcare workers as well as affected families.

The impact of a newborn in intensive care goes far beyond the baby themselves – and Miracle Babies is committed to supporting everyone who needs it throughout the days, weeks, and months a little miracle has to spend in hospital.

WaterWipes and Miracle Babies together

WaterWipes and Miracle Babies have worked together since 2016. We provide our WaterWipes freely in Miracle Babies’ NICU survival packs – given to families in NICUs across Australia. Being gentle enough to use on premature baby’s sensitive skin, we felt they were the perfect addition to ensure parents and nurses could have the peace of mind of knowing they were providing the best for their vulnerable little ones.

More recently, we’ve extended our partnership to include funding for the Miracle Babies NurtureProgramme, which provides much valued emotional support to families as they navigate a baby being born unexpectedly. Our support has enabled 473 families to access this programme so far, and we’re committed to helping fund many more in the future alongside our donations of WaterWipes.

Our way of giving back

At WaterWipes, we like to keep parenthood real. And we know that raising a baby can be both messy and magical. For the families of premature or unwell newborns, the first few months of their little ones’ life can be unimaginable. Unable to bond as they would like, and spending more time in an intensive care unit than anyone could ever want, it’s a tough journey for all involved.

We like to do what we can to help make the lives of affected families that little bit brighter. Whether that’s through our donations of WaterWipes themselves, or donations of funding for invaluable support programmes, we hope that in some way we have a positive impact on the lives of Australia's miracle families.

We’re so proud to work alongside the Miracle Babies Foundation and support their work wholeheartedly – together, we’re supporting the lives of Australia’s most vulnerable newborns and their incredibly strong families.

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