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this is the reality of newborn skin.

Newborn skin is often romanticised so you might be surprised to hear what it’s really like.

this is the reality of newborn skin.

“it was different to what I expected.”

Red. Wrinkly. Translucent. Vulnerable. These are just some of the words used by the parents of our project to describe newborn skin. Not what you were expecting? No wonder when in culture and in media, no one shows or talks about newborn skin as it really is.

As part of our #thisisparenthood project we want to change that. Helping parents prepare for the reality and understand the importance of taking care of their newborn’s sensitive skin. That’s why we strived to make WaterWipes the next best thing to cotton wool and water so you can take care of that most precious skin.

A newborn baby lying on its mother's chest.
A mother holding her newborn baby.

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