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this is the untold story of bonding.

Everyone talks about the instant love and bond that happens when you have a baby, but what if you don’t feel it straight away? One brave family opens up about their bonding journey.

this is the untold story of bonding.

“I’d never heard this dramatic fall was going to happen after having a baby.”

Most of the conversation about bonding is focused on the immediate love parents – both mums and dads – feel for their baby. But that can leave those parents who don’t experience that, feeling like failures.

We wanted to open the conversation about bonding and show struggling parents they’re not alone - and that it’s ok if it takes a few hours, weeks, months or longer.

There can be many different reason for it too – like difficult births, hormone imbalances and domestic situations - but we believe that no one should feel failure or shame. Parenthood is hard enough without us being hard on ourselves.

A mother with her baby laying on its back.
Mother holding and bonding with her two newborn babies.

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