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A couple lying on a bed with their newborn baby

Spotlight on: Georgia England shares survival tips for new mum life


Whether you’re a single parent or you’ve got two on the job, wading your way through the newborn phase is hard – with highs, lows and everything in between.

Sharing the load and a shoulder to lean on can help get you through the toughest days, but that’s not always an option when you’re flying solo – something Georgia England is all too familiar with.

The new first-time mum is married to international Kiwi cricketer Mitch McClenaghan whose work takes him all over the world. Georgia takes us through her top tips for those first few months when holding down the fort.

Snacks, water and more snacks

You’ll be up all hours of the night and breastfeeding makes you super hungry and thirsty, so make sure you’re armed with plenty of drinks and snacks by your beside – the extra food and energy are important to keep you fuelled during the day.


When babies decide to get up and party in the night, that’s okay - chuck on some Netflix and binge your favourite show. It will help get you through!

Spare nappy caddy in all places

This should include nappies, WaterWipes (no rashes on bubba from these), a spare change of clothing, a burp cloth and anything you may need to feed your baby.

Clean sheets

There is such little spare time to do washing in those first few weeks and getting into a bed with clean sheets just makes you feel more human and a hundred times better. Make sure you have a few clean sets in the cupboard pre-birth.

Comfy PJs

Post-birth recovery is key and you’ll find yourself living in your PJs. Find a breastfeeding-friendly, loose-fitting style that will also be super handy for breast pumping. Close to the Heart and Peter Alexander are brands that are personal favourites.


For those times where you need some human interaction, albeit virtually, take to a video call. Sharing the small moments with someone else whether it be your partner, family or just a friend, helps with long distances.

New first-time mum Georgia England is riding the newborn wave, learning the ropes and juggling solo parenting when Mitch is away for work.

The opinions and viewpoints expressed by the author in this guide do not necessarily reflect the views of WaterWipes and are intended as a general information resource. If you have any concerns about your baby, please consult a specialist or Healthcare Professional.

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