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Prematurity Awareness Month

November is World Prematurity Month – a month for raising awareness for the roughly 15 million babies born prematurely around the world every single year.

These little ones have a tough start in life, spending their first weeks and months in NICUs and hospitals. For their families, it’s a time of enormous stress and uncertainty when they’d hoped to be getting plenty of cuddles from the newest family member.

World Prematurity Month is also a chance to acknowledge and show appreciation for the nurses and doctors who give premature babies the care they need. They work tirelessly in wards across the world to give little ones the greatest possible start in life.

17th November is World Prematurity Day, in which the world will be ‘Lighting Up Purple’. Across countries, landmarks will be lit up purple to raise awareness of the babies born prematurely – around one million of whom sadly lose their fight for life.

At WaterWipes, we’re doing our part to light the world up purple and acknowledge World Prematurity Day. We’re working with the great team at Miracle Babies to support their work in NICU wards across Australia, organising events for families and staff and raising valuable funds to keep NICUs providing top care.

If you’d like to find out more about the work we’re doing throughout November, keep an eye out on WaterWipes and Miracle Babies' social media to see how you can get involved. As well, be sure to take a moment on the 17th of November to spread the word of World Prematurity Day and join us in raising awareness of all the babies currently facing a tough start in life.

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